Vampires & Bananas

Today was another super rough day for E.

We ended up taking him to school for soccer yesterday. He was only at school for 2.5 hours and did great. The rest of the day he spent playing around the house with no shirt on and (long) jeans that were a little bit so they showed 3 inches of his Star Wars boxers. My little gansta.

Today, since I worked 10-6, Ryan was going to try and take him from 9-2.

He had a complete and epic meltdown at the school before Ryan could leave.

With our only 2 choices being: leave him and wait for the call saying he is kicked out forever or take him back home, we conceded to taking him back home.

Ryan warned him that going back home would be going into his room, boxing up toys, and taking them immediately to the Medina Children’s Home drop-off.

E must not have believed he was going to do it. But he did. And boy, then there was some tears.

He came to me as I was gettting ready to leave for work holding one of his stuffed animals. With tears in his eyes he said, “this is my only one left. Daddy took all my¬† stuffed animals and now I miss them and want to go bring them back home.”

The day wore on for Ryan as miserable as it could possibly be – he’s trying to do work – E is upset and crying. It didn’t really improve once I got home either. Both kids were thoroughly whiney and X had the nerve to tell me how it’s not fair that E gets to stay home now.

Tonight was one of those nights I couldn’t wait to close the doors of their bedrooms at bedtime. Even for me – I didn’t even deal with E most of the day – I’d had enough drama.

I have NO IDEA what tomorrow holds, but I am constantly reminding myself – God planned this day for us. There is purpose and growth in trials, I must not forget that.

*These pictures were taken over the weekend. E is obsessed with these vampire teeth (don’t get me started on the irony). In his effort to entertain everyone he said, “It’d be really funny if I ate a banana with these in.”

Ryan replied, “NO you don’t need………..well, actually that might be pretty funny – here you go, have a banana.

We all laughed till we were in tears and our bellies hurt.