The Storm, the Fence, and the Toys

A few weeks ago, in one of the final quick and brutal storms to roll across our Texas skies, our backyard fence broke and crashed into our pool.


Luckily, it didn’t do terrible damage to our pool only breaking one brace. The fence, however, was irreparable.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just the problem of 2 sections of irreparable fence. No, our situation was made worse because (1) our backyard meets up with a daycare’s outside play area and (2) we quickly realized we’d have to replace the entire fence.

All 110 feet of it.

And it needed to be done quickly because the kids at the daycare could climb the chain link fence. Not to mention those same kiddos could see right into our yard and house.

This wasn’t how Ryan planned to spend the first 7 days of summer, but he’s a hero like this and he stepped up to the challenge.

The owner of the daycare graciously offered to help us by hauling all of the old wood fence planks away for us. That was a terrific help.


Once the entire length of fence was down the daycare kids had 110 feet of new real estate to gaze upon during their recess. Several times as I stood cooking in the kitchen I’d get this sensation I was being watched only to glance out the window to see a straight line of kids at the fence peering into our window.

With this in mind, Ryan used some serious amounts of concrete to ensure this fence doesn’t fall down again in another 10 years. At which time, I do not plan to be living in this house (can you say 1 child left to graduate?!)


The older kids were on call for helping.





I can’t begin to describe how intelligently and diligently Ryan worked on this fence. And he did so without ever complaining….but maybe that is because he had personal motivation to close our yard off as quickly as possible:

The daycare toys.




No matter where Ryan was – the toys were watching. Moving on their own closer towards our fence.

I received these over text while I was at work one day. At first I thought the Texas sun was affecting his mental facilities…


But when I checking out the back yard once I came home, I had to admit was a little strange.

Then on a Saturday morning while at work I got these from Adam.


“Come play with us Ryan….”


“forever and ever…”


Luckily, Adam was able to save him.

He barely escaped with his life.

It was intense.


From there on out, fence building got serious.




No. You can’t shoot Lance with the nail gun.

Yes, even though you’ve figured out how to shoot it without pressing up to the wood.


After hearing about Ryan’s near fatal toy captivity experience, our friends Zach and Andrew came over to help us get this thing done already.

Thank you Zach and Andrew.


And by Sunday night it was complete.

Privacy (and victory) was ours.



  1. Kelli   •  

    Haha! Those photos were too funny! You’re awesome, Ryan! Great job!

  2. Your Daughter   •  

    I was literally laughing out loud (in the library)
    The fence looks great, just like every other project that dad has done. Miss and love you guys