The Newcom 4

Saturday was a full day home with just the Newcom 4 (Krys still visiting with her new adoptive parents).

It was so nice….if I can be boldly honest.

5:00am-E is up and rearing to go.

8:00am-I head to Target to get my copy of Twilight.

9:15amKara and Ginger come over to scrapbook. Ry was outside doing yardwork so I had both kids inside with me which was good until they both decided to watch Twilight on my lap (thus hindering me from getting any scrapbooking done)

So yes, I did end up letting X watch it. She left for the one semi-violent scene and generally didn’t grasp the rest of what was going on so I feel cool with letting her see it.

12:00pm-The four of us have a picnic lunch out on the driveway

2:00pm-I tell X about Krys being adopted by Thomas & Mary. After I explained everything I asked her how she felt about it.

A huge smile came across her face and said: “Happy.”

3:00pm-X and I head to Starbucks to grab our “coffee” that we never had time to get in the morning. We sit in my bedroom recliners and read our books while drinking our “coffee.”

7:00pm-I head out with my small group friend Laura to babysit for other small group friends Jarrett & Lacey (they have 2 foster children currently….but no blog).

7:45pm-Laura and I watch Twilight (again).

12:00am-I get back home from babysitting and Ry and I watch Twilight (seriously….again).

So officially: there is something wrong with me. I can’t believe I watched 1 movie 3 times inĀ  less than 24 hours.

Regardless of my Twilight obsession, it was a FABULOUS day.