The Boys’ Birthdays

We have 3 birthdays in a 2 week time span. These birthdays creep up on me fast every year and even worse, time slips by even faster once they’re past! While time may defy me, my camera does not. I am, at least, capturing these fleeting moments in pictures.

Adam: 14 years old



As usual, we opened presents at 630am, before school started. He received NBA 2k17 from Grandma & Grandpa – he’s received this game in it’s newest edition every year.


He also got some weights, a football, and a parachute for speed training.

Classic gifts for a 14 year old boy.


I bought him Mary’s tacos for breakfast – it’s a place of legends here in our small town.


For dinner we picked up pizzas and headed to the park at the river. Adam has become an obsessed fisherman and there was no other way he’d want to spend his birthday than fishing.



And with food I would never buy on a regular day but allow on birthdays.


Lance: 13 years old


Lance’s birthday is right around the corner from Adam. And with this day, we now have more teenagers than non-teenage children.


Lance really only talked about wanting one gift all year long. It was expensive so both grandparents and us had to go in together to make it happen.


This is the smile of a boy who got exactly what he wanted.


A hoverboard.

And with this, we had one happy boy.


He was on and riding it immediately.

And he’s still riding it. So much so, we are mildly concerned he may forget how to walk.

After school Grandma and Grandpa Newcom came and picked up to spend the night at the ranch. This was all he wanted to do for his birthday – go to the ranch. Adam joined him and they spent the weekend fishing, hunting (or maybe just shooting things), and eating really, really well.


Edward: 10 years old


Before I can recover from two birthdays, Edward’s comes along a few days after Lance.

He was super excited to turn 10. Double Digits. Where does time go?

He was so excited, he sneaked into our bedroom and peeked at his presents a few days before his birthday. I wouldn’t have known if he didn’t proceed to tell me what he wanted for his birthday was (ironically) exactly what he saw. Little stinker.

This made early morning present opening a tad anti-climactic, but his loss.




He’s trying to act surprised to receive a Kindle but we knew he already knew it was coming. Turd.


And he got a chess and checkers set. He loves chess and wants to start a chess club at his school.

Probably because he can beat everyone in our family but Ryan so no one wants to play with him anymore. He needs some new competition.


I sent E off to school with an apology, “Sorry, buddy, I have to work today and cannot bring you lunch.” But when I got to work my schedule had gotten messed up and there were 2 Pharmacists for the morning shift. Guess who left for the day? Yep. Totally me.

I surprised him with some DQ chicken tenders, a favorite of my kids.


That evening we ate homemade pizza and went out for dessert at The Cheesecake Factory (all his choosing.)

I must say, these 3 boys have such drastically different personalities but are all such a joy to be with. I look forward to celebrating their birthdays together when they are adults. I have a feeling their unique gifts and talents will be mutually beneficial to one another in life. In other words, they are going to need one another.


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  1. Leslie   •  

    Happy Birthday to the boys! I can’t believe E is 10! Where does the time go.