Thanksgiving Week

My parents were in town for all of Thanksgiving week, which was awesome because we rarely have spent Thanksgivings with them.

Earlier in the week looked a little like this:


Lots of card games


And board games. Although here it looks like they were going to play monopoly but played Exploding Kittens instead.

If they asked Grandpa to play exploding kittens once, they asked 500 times. I’d say he was a bit tired of the game by the time he left.


Watching X’s basketball game


Adam showing off his greatest plays videos from football.


And my Mom working endlessly to prep everyone’s outfits for our Christmas photo shoot (I’ll share those picture later this month!)

Thanksgiving was a welcomed day of relaxation for everyone.

Arianna really wanted to surprise the siblings with her upcoming high school graduation news so Ryan sneaked out early in the morning, drove 2+ hours to pick her up and drove 2+ hours back.

By the time they got back, the kids were dying to know where Dad had been all morning. My Mom and I was preparing brunch and the kids and my Dad were watching Batman vs. Superman when they arrived. At first everyone just sort of sat frozen in surprise, then came all of the welcome back hugs. Without missing a beat, they fell back into the way it always was, snuggling back up on the couch in their normal spots and finished their movie.



After brunch the kids settled into their 1 hour of screen time allowed during the day. Arianna (and Adam) took a nap on the floor. Just like old times.


My Mom and I continued our dinner prep.

Which, I must add, Thanksgiving dinner prep with your Mom is SOOO much easier than by yourself. Just saying.



Even when I squirt turkey drippings all over the oven from my explosive baster, Mom was right there to fix it for me.


I’m so glad there are so few pictures of me.


Then X wants to know why we have to take pictures of her.

This is what happens when Ryan gets the camera.



And in true Arianna fashion, she drank half her cup of coffee and wasted the rest.

You’d think she’d learn that type of behavior is blasphemous in our home. Thou Shall Not Waste Coffee…Rule #12


Ok, so I’ve been playing pranks on my Dad all my life when he falls asleep. My Mom and I thought it was time to bring someone else in on our shenanigans.

Adam was our willing participant. Here he is trying to get a marshmallow into his mouth.

Cruel, I know. My Dad is a good sport though. Or at least, we think he is!


We love busting out the fine china once a year.

Surely, we aren’t the only people on the planet who have 14 place settings of their fine china from their wedding that only gets used once a year…..




Anxiously waiting for food.





Dinner was fantastic. I could not have asked for a better Thanksgiving day all around.

Family. All together. Despite roadblocks, detours, and delays.

What a delight!

Now. I still have a fantastic side story about sweet potatoes to tell. It’s so fantastic (okay, well, I at least hope its funny – maybe it’s not as fantastic as I make it out to be) it deserves it’s own post.

And I have a few hysterical unedited pictures from our quick outdoor photo shoot. I promise I’ll post them.