South Padre in the Summer

Last August we visited South Padre for the first time and fell in love. This past New Year’s was also spent in South Padre but instead of melting in the heat we were freezing our behinds off outside while simultaneously soaking up Schlitterbahn’s indoor water park. Each time we only spent 1 night, arriving early in the morning and leaving late at night. But it’s our New Year’s Eve night the kids hold it up as the best trip ever.

Personally, I think their “best trip ever” is really just the most recent trip they’ve been on….

Nonetheless, everyone was super excited and ready to go back to South Padre before school went back and took over their lives. This time, however, we were going to get a little crazy and spend TWO NIGHTS on the island instead of just one. And the best part was we’d spend 1 entire day at the Schlitterbahn waterpark enjoying both the indoor and outdoor activities.

I had 6 excited kids.

Then our summer drought turned into summer storms during our scheduled time to be there. Boo-hoo.  After watching the weather forecast for days we ended up cancelling our second night at the Schlitterbahn resort and only staying the 1 night.

We were all kind of bummed out but (kudos to my kids) no one complained too much.

And, alas, we still all had a blast on our 1 night stay.






All the kids say they don’t like the beach but when we get there they are quick to boogie board and play. Everyone, that is, except X. She really doesn’t like the beach.

As for me, I love it. I’d rather be on a beach than by a pool.





I have to brag on Adam.

He is so good about taking care of people. One section of the ocean dropped very deep before it shallowed out again. Peter kept having troubles getting his boogie board out there and Adam made sure he got out there okay.






The kids ran back and forth between the pool swimming pool and the beach all day.

At the pool, we had some serious Michael Phleps and Katie Ledecky energy going. You could certainly tell my kids had been watching the Olympics!

I could not stop laughing at their antics.




Let me note here that Peter was swimming so fantastic. I had thought about swim lessons this year but I’m so glad I saved my money because he totally has it down.


So….I sort of forgot to pack waters to bring with us. Which only left sodas. Which left kids begging for something else to drink other than sodas since they are so used to drinking water all the time. Virgin Daiquiris it is!

I know, I know – Mom for the win.




Yep. Getting big, every last one of them. I have yet to be able to stop the process.


After we ate dinner in our condo everyone headed straight back down to the pool or beach.

This is my money-saving tip for trips like this – don’t eat out. I made some chicken fajitas (a pre-marinated deal I bought in my grocery’s meat section) in the crock pot before leaving home so we were able to  just re-warm it for dinner. Almost every hotel has a microwave – and if don’t like microwaves eat it cold. I brough tortillas, chips, salsa, and the chicken. Easy and done. Everyone was happy and full.

That evening, while Ryan, E, and Adam played tennis, X, Lance, Lily, and myself worked out some sand volleyball magic (again, Olympic style, just like Kerri Walsh-Jennings) before we finally all came in and crashed for the night.


The kids rose quickly in the morning in order to claim their giant chocolate chip muffin (the kind I only buy for vacations.)

After breakfast everyone headed right back down to the beach for a second day of the same.


Except, this day Adam was determined to fish.

His perseverance amazes me. He found an old man fishing successfully and with such politeness and respect, asked him questions. Not only did he get this man’s wisdom but also a bag full of shrimp (bait) as well.



This is one happy young man.





We headed back home after dark with full spirits and very little sunburn.

Once again at border patrol, the officer shined the flash light into our car looked at Ryan, looked at me, then looked at the kids and asked “these your kids?”

Yes, sir.


Yes, sir.

“Okay, have a great day.”

Funny. Every time.