My brain has started working en espanol. I was a bit dissappinted with
my Spanish yesterday in our clinic. I was hoping I would be able to
understand more but these Mexicans speak so fast…

We attended
a prayer service at the church we are staying at last night. It was all
in Spanish. I did feel like I could understand the majority of
it….the word of God is amazingly universal. It was a very powerful

I have successfully got two other women saying [seriously] all the time. It quite funny!

The Mexican food has been fantastic. The spider staring me down while I was showering… Not so fantastic.

Gotta run before I lose my American signal!!

Yo tengo frio.

Did you know that I'm not
A fan of air conditioning? I am [seriously] cold on this bus!
I am however a [serious] fan of the BlackBerry!!
are approaching the fabulous town of raymondville, Texas where we will
stop for lunch! I've been studying some Spanish and rocking to Barlow
girl on my inno.
Buenos tiempo!