The April Birthdays

April came around fast this year with Lily & Peter’s Birthdays.

Lily and a couple friends went to the drive-in movies to see Beauty & the Beast and Power Rangers. It was a fun, but very late, night out with the girls. X came along to help with details – there is a lot of details that got into getting the car set up comfortable, food and snacks, bathroom trips, and such.

I thought for sure the girls would pass out as we drove home at 1:30am but alas, they talked the entire time.

I also thought they’d fall asleep fast once we got home but alas, they wanted to play Mad Libs.

Yep, I also thought they’d sleep in but alas, they were up early and outside playing in their pajamas.

Clearly, I have no clue. Good thing I have no more daughters coming behind her.

Her birthday actually fell on Good Friday so they were off school all day. Awesome for her.

She got a fitbit, a volleyball, a kindle case that looks like a composition notebook, the game “double ditto” and a guitar strap.

Peter’s birthday fell on a Sunday.

He wanted (and frankly, only needed) one thing. That one thing was fairly pricey so it became his one gift.

Since it was a Sunday morning and we were on our way to church, I opted for the family room for gifts. Versus the kitchen table where there is awful lighting. I like this much better.

He received the board game Labrynth and a gift card from Grandma & Grandpa. (Super fun game, by the way. We play multiple times a week.)

KD 9 basketball shoes. He loved them but they were just a tad small.

We went to exchange them and they didn’t have the size he needed.  Unfortunately, Peter lacks patience and fortitude. He wanted something that very day and didn’t want to wait. So he traded these beautiful KD 9s for a pair of all black Paul George’s.

The very next day he told me he wanted to keep the KDs and the only reason he got the other ones was because he didn’t want to be patient and wait 2 days till I went to another store to exchange them. (Well, at least he understood why he did it.)

He begged and begged for those KDs until I finally returned them and they were out of his sight.

Hopefully he learned a lesson.

Peter also went to Top Golf and brought a friend over his birthday weekend. Ryan and I joined them. It was a really fun time. They ate lunch with dessert and hit balls for a couple hours.


And just like that, all my children are in the double digits. Crazy.

Before I know it the fall birthdays will be upon me and my teenagers will will be 14, 15 & 16. Crazier.

The New Sport: Tennis

E has found his sporting niche. After trying lots of different sports over the years we have found the one he loves and is good at.

A few weeks back he had his first tennis tournament. I missed the first day due to a speaking event on the other side of Texas but was able to attend the second day.

I was scared to take too many pictures because I knew he could hear me snapping away. I didn’t want him to get nervous and mess up on account of me.


And guess what?? HE WON! Well, one match at least.

In our world, that’s a big deal.

E and  Coach Kuda after his win.

Coach is amazing – both at tennis and with E. We love him.

He is famous in our house for buying a car through Carvana, the car vending machine. It doesn’t take much to earn legend status with my crew.

Later that day, however, he played a doubles match against 2 girls. They lost, but the boys had lots of fun as they played (perhaps a bit too much).

And looking at this picture I think I need to remind E that girls do not have cooties and how to give proper handshakes.

We are super proud of E! He practices 4 nights a week and has shown so much hard work and dedication.

Hopefully more tennis pictures to come over the years!