Why Monthly Blogging is the Best I Can Do

For ten years this blog has been my passion. I have loved the challenge of writing and the joy of photography. As an outlet alternative to my habitual and routine life as a Pharmacist and Mom, this satisfies my creative side.  I  have missed this outlet over the past months.

But here’s the truth I’m finally settling in to. I have a different calling other than writing for this lil’ ole blog. What began with being BRAVE, led me to begin SPEAKING and writing, and all of this has TRANSFORMED my life.

Like attempting to walk in shoes way too big for you, I felt the calling was too big to fit my life. Some days I believed there was no way I’d get anywhere other than face down on the floor. However, with every small step, one foot in front of the other, walking in this calling has become easier. The shoes, you could say, fit better every day. They have lead me to places I wouldn’t have imagined.

It’s awesome and sometimes terrifying.

As you can imagine, adding a new ministry business requiring writing and speaking takes time. So, in turn, some good things in life have had to go. This is how transformation works. In order to experience the new thing coming, the old must be transformed into something completely different. The photography, the blogging – all this has had to fade.

Over the past several months, when I would have been writing blog posts, I have been writing a book. Last night I sent the completed manuscript to my husband (to his computer, that is) and just this morning began contacting editors. It’s a vulnerable place to stand, let me tell you. It’s like standing in those shoes but naked.

Additionally, as if this transformation wasn’t enough, God is doing an overhaul on me as a parent. Most specifically He is showing me how much I need Him and how little I can do on my own. I’m reminded at every turn what I am capable of doing as a parent and what He is capable of doing as a Savior. As it turns out, He can do a whole lot more than me.

So for now, I’m still here. I just may not be back for a month.

And my kids?…They’re so awesome. And growing like crazy. Pray for Arianna.


  1. Jessica Pfeiffer   •  

    Love you and admire how you are prioritizing all the “good things”! I’ll be first in line for a copy of your book! I’m praying for you all.

  2. Breanna   •  

    A book?! Hooray! Praying for you and for your family. Miss you guys!!