The Lost Pictures of Summer

I’m not an avid iPhone photographer. If I do take pictures on my phone they tend to be awful in comparison to my digital SLR so I never end up using them.

As I scrolled through the pictures I did take, however, I realized how much of the story of our summer was told by these pictures. I captured some treasured moments I had already forgotten about.

So, as we close out summer this Labor Day, here is my final summer post: my iPhone pictures telling the story behind our summer…


Once this summer, X thought she could mow the grass in sandals. I think she still has the scars from where the fire ants attacked her. It was pretty dramatic.


Adam and E (the 2 wealthiest of the Newcom children) bought themselves fishing rods at Wal-Mart.


Peter wanted to earn money to buy a fishing rod so he washed my car for $5.

You can probably guess how clean my car looked afterwards.


Lance eventually had enough money to buy a fishing rod too. I ended up taking them fishing 3-4 times a week all summer long.


Pool party with our Foster/Adopt Parents of teenagers support group. Yes, there is a group for that….and ours is amazing.


X spent her first night in a college dorm. So proud of her bravery as she ventured alone to UTSA’s high school girls basketball camp.


Our friends got a boxer puppy. Since I’m mean and won’t buy a dog, my kids got to love on theirs. Lily, my lover of all things small and “baby”, couldn’t get enough of him.


Peter discovered how much he loves hammocks while at his Nature camp. One day after camp he insisted I come watch him eat the rest of his lunch while he laid in the hammock.


E was the first child (no surprise) to hit every reward on the Read-o-Meter summer reading chart. For his lunch out in Boerne he chose Chili’s. He had potato soup, hamburger and fries (which all equates to heaven for him.)


X and I had an impromptu date to a new restaurant in San Antonio, Hopdoddy. It is a farm to market burger joint – absolutely incredible!! It is possibly our new favorite.


Ryan took Adam to a basketball tourney in Dallas one weekend. They had 6 hours between games so they headed to Oklahoma to add another state to their “been there” checklist.

I was a little jealous.


We had the joy of having dinner and swimming with Karsten, my late friend Angela’s son, while he was visiting Angela’s mom close by us. Go figure, he loves my crazy rowdy boys (and they love him!)


This is my refrigerator after I come home from my in-laws ranch….I get every leftover. It’s pretty awesome for my hungry crew.


Took the kids fishing early in the morning one day. X got crazy and came along using E’s pool.


Lance did a pretty stellar job reading this summer and also earned the lunch out in Boerne reward. He chose Dairy Queen.


A rare selfie. Y’all this is what happens when X takes 25 items into the dressing room at Forever 21 and leaves me waiting for 30 minutes: you find Gryffindor swimsuits and pose with them.


I had a long run of late nights as I frantically prepared for my writing/speaking conference in July. My side of the room was chaos compared to Ryan’s.


It took me 24 hours on planes and through 4 airports but I finally arrived in Charlotte, NC for the She Speaks Conference. It was an absolutely amazing experience.


Just a little of the light reading and research I’ve been doing…


Peter’s playing football!! His YMCA team is pretty legit and started practicing weeks ago. He’s been wearing the NEWCOM jersey Lance received a few years back when he got nominated by a teacher to be honored on the field as “player of the game.”


Adam brought 2 fish home one day. He had nowhere to put them so I offhandedly suggested the (broken down) hot tub.

They are still alive in it as I write this. And it is gross. They’ve like created their own ecosystem inside the hot tub.


My friend Chelsea and I at the airport headed to Colorado with zero children. Yes, margaritas please.


In Colorado with my dear friend and mentor, Debbie. And her mountains, who I am so fond of.


And then this happened. This was in our local Boerne newspaper.

I sort of take this to mean: I’ve pretty much hit the pinnacle of my career and there really isn’t anywhere left to go but down.

And when I say down…I mean in hours, of course.

What a fantastic summer!! We had our ups and downs and days without electronics as consequences but we made great memories.