Lily’s 10th Birthday

Last week our sweet Lily-bug turned double digits. The big 1-0.


I’ve been counting down the days till her birthday so I could draw on my newly painted chalkboard wall in my kitchen/dining area.

Normally we have scripture on the wall, hence the stained white patch under “Happy 10th Birthday”


10th Birthday means 10 presents.

That doesn’t continue at age 11, it’s simply a 10 year old benefit.


These pictures were taken at 1am. That is how long it took me to wrap all the presents, blow up balloons, and decorate the wall – all after I got off work at 10pm. This is one of the mom-sacrifices I won’t let myself off the hook on – not because I have any desire to be Pintrested, but because I want my children to feel extra special on their Birthday. Every day they compete for attention, but their birthdays are all about them.


First picture of the day….still working out her shyness.


She was excited to get 10 gifts.


E bought her anchor earrings. He was absolutely specific to me what he wanted to buy her. I thought it was so precious he wanted to buy her something he knew she would love.




That smile. Oh my goodness.

And Adam’s head….cracking me up.


Lily has absolutely taken to my obsession with BRAVE. She was quite ecstatic to get this new sports outfit from Justice branding the word BRAVE.


A hair crimper. It’s all the rage again, I guess.



Wait – What is that??


Is it really??


It is!! A hamster cage.

This was on her list and Ryan and I couldn’t think of a reason to say no, so now Lily is the proud owner of William, a dwarf hamster. I’ll introduce William in another post.


Lily’s day consisted of school, lunch from Sonic with me, gymnastics after school, pizza from Little Caesar’s, and then Peter’s 2nd grade play.


It was called SWAMPED. Peter is in the back row.


Praise the Lord for Amazon Prime. We’d completely forgotten to get him a frog costume for this play. We found this frog hoodie/footie pajamas on Amazon Prime for $25. This was faster and easier than anything I could have shopped for or made.


After the play everyone had chocolate fudge cake and ice cream.

The day went super fast and before we knew it, was gone. But it was awesome and well celebrated.


Lily (and William) went fast asleep in pure Birthday happiness.

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  1. Ryan   •  

    Yes, Peter is that boy in “A Christmas Story”