Introducing William, the dwarf hamster


William, or Prince William of Lilytown as I sometimes refer to him, is the dwarf hamster Lily received for her 10th Birthday.

She LOVES LOVES LOVES this little guy.

She has been begging me to write a blog post about him, so without further ado….


Lily & William

She has always – and may forever – love all things small and “baby.”

William is the quintessence of everything “baby” and she cherishes his tiny little everything.


Every day after school she gets him out and plays with him, talks to him, and just simply holds him.

Sometimes she puts him inside a hamster ball and lets him roll around the kitchen floor. With as much traffic as my kitchen sees, I think this scares William more than it feels like a relief from his cage.



Lily and her friends love to play with William together. This hamster gets some serious loving, let me tell you.




Sometimes in the mornings when I go to wake Lily up she gets angry at me because I made too much noise and woke William up.

To which I reply, “He’s a Newcom, he gets up when we all get up.”



Long live William.

Because I don’t think my sweet girl could bare it if he was to succumb to some rare hamster disease.

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  1. Your Oldest   •  

    He’s so stinkin’ adorable, just like her! Love y’all 🙂