I need to tell you about my shoes….

We’ve been selling possessions off left and right. Our newest mindset is:  In order to get new, something has to be sold or donated first. Hence, how we got an Xbox.

We just don’t want to continue to accumulate more STUFF!

Part of my KEEP for 2013 is Keep life simple. We don’t want to be mindless consumers – buying stuff on top of stuff for no better reason than “we can”.

I have sold all but 2 pieces of my Tiffany & Co jewelry on eBay. I thought it would be hard but it really hasn’t been.

Mostly because I had something that I wanted that was more practical, was going to be used more, and was just flat out more awesome than the jewelery: New Customized Nike Shox.

I really hate talking about a possession being “so wonderful” because I  don’t want a dependency on stuff.  But when I get practical and think of what I’m most comfortable wearing – hands down – it’s tennis shoes. I would trade in all my other shoes for a few solid pairs of tennis shoes, and I would wear them every day – every where.

The thing was  – I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. I struggled  justifying the purchase. Surely, I could get some tennis shoes for $50 and not $150.

I talked about buying these silly things constantly (my current Nike Shox had a big hole in the toe – it was hard to forget about!) Friends in my Bible study were tired of hearing me convince myself I didn’t need them. At one point someone just hollered, “WILL YOU JUST BUY THEM ALREADY!!”

So when I sold my last piece of Tiffany & Co for $200 I went for it.

I ordered my shoes.

Then I waited 3 weeks for them to be made (exactly as I designed).

And when they arrived I jumped up and down like a 7 year old. Which made Ryan grab my camera.


They were perfect.


Stitched into one shoe has my favorite words spoke by Jesus: FOLLOW ME


The other shoe has my verse of the year: JAMES 1:27

Every last detail from the color of the bottom of the shoe, to the shoelaces, and the swoosh were chosen by me.


I put them on immediately.


And I pretty much haven’t taken them off since.

Here is where you can customize your own pair of Nike. Just have a garage sale or something first before you go check it out.