I gave my daughter her flu shot….

In front of her 4th grade class.

Sadly, noone captured it on camera.

The idea came about after X asked me to volunteer to come speak on Career day at her school. I figured since I fill both of her two teacher’s prescriptions and have helped numerous of her friend’s families at the pharmacy (the absolute joy of working in the community you live in) – how could I not come speak on Career Day.

One day after agreeing to do it I had an idea come to me as I gave flu shot after flu shot after flu shot – This (flu shots) is a huge part of what I do as  a retail Pharmacist…wouldn’t it be awesome if I could demonstrate that for her class??? I tossed the idea around the pharmacy – we all thought it would be hysterical if nothing else.

So I asked X, “Hey what do you think about getting your flu shot from me in front of your class when I’m there for Career Day?”

She, in all of her wonderful abnormalness, got super excited and said yes. I know – she’s WEIRD like that and I love it!

Yesterday I showed up for Career Day with her flu shot, some things to make aspirin ointment, and a capsule maker. First things first – the flu shot. After describing a little about my job I told the kids about the how & why of pharmacists giving flu shots. When I announced to them that X was going to get her flu shot in front of them as a demonstration you would have thought there was a mouse running loose on the floor.

Absolute commotion. So loud. So crazy. These kids could not wrap their brain around someone volunteering to get a shot.

Poor X wouldn’t have thought anything of it if it was just her and I – but with a rowdy crowd of almost 50 people – I could tell she was a bit nervous. She didn’t let it show though.

After it was over – she was the hero of the day. She told me that everyone kept coming up to her the rest of the day and commenting about how they heard what she did and how brave she was. Word had spread throughout the school by the end of the day.

What I think is hysterical is that one of her teacher’s commented, “I wish I would have known you were going to do this – I would have had you given me mine as well!”

I was supposed to speak for 25 minutes – I ended up going for 40 minutes because there were so many questions. Humorously, many were from the teachers themselves. When I told them that the Boerne Walgreens fills anywhere from 600 to 800 scripts/day and gives around 50 flu shots a day – their response was, “No wonder I always have to stand in line!” 

I like educating the community that a retail Pharmacist does a lot more than just count pills all day (something one of the teachers admitted that she had thought).

One child asked what my favorite part of my job was. Right now there are two things: (1) the commute. 7.5 minutes door to door. & (2) being in a true community pharmacy where I see people I know from the neighborhood, church, X’s school, etc. on a regular basis and helping them.


  1. Grandpa in Florida   •  

    Smart, talented and brave. That’s my granddaughter. We’re so proud of you. Love.

  2. mariam   •  

    That’s awesome! It’s career week here, too, and Elijah’s been coming home everyday telling me about the different professions. They’ve had a veterinarian, a pilot, and a policeman (I think. . .I can’t remember them all). I can only imagine what X’s classmates went home to tell their parents. You’re such a cool mom!

  3. mariam   •  

    That’s awesome! It was career week here too. Elijah has come home every day telling me about a different profession. They’ve had a veterinarian, a pilot, a policeman and a fireman (I think. . .I don’t remember them all). I can only imagine what X’s friends went home and told their parents. You two make a cool mom and daughter team!

  4. Cynthia   •  

    This is great! What a trooper she is. Like your write up about the community pharmacy, sounds like you are really enjoying your days. Miss working with a such a great pharmacist!