Homecoming (HOCO as the kids say)

The discussion about Homecoming generally starts the 2nd week of school. Even though it is still 7 weeks away.

The panic, the anxiety, the wondering of who is asking who, and where am I going to get my mum from all starts early.

This year: no exception.


Adam had his date picked out early on and set me to work helping with this preparations.

First was the “homecoming proposal” that is so popular these days. I scrapped his original poster idea and suggested my own. I figured we may as well take advantage of his status as one of the lead scorers for his football team.


Well, the girl said yes and humorously, he did not score any touchdowns during his next game.

We ordered the mum he wanted to give her and he paid half (which half was $35!!)


X, on the other hand, opted to go with friends this year.



The game itself was awesome. I personally love High School football games – love the game, the bands, the enthusiasm – everything!



It’s crazy to think that for the next 10 years I’ll be taking Homecoming pictures at this High School.

I’m going to try my best not to check out come E and Peter’s senior year. I may just be done with it all though – hopefully not.



Our football team is pretty fantastic this year.

Adam is looking forward to joining their ranks next year.

1 MORE HOCO DOWN…..9 yet to go.