Fostering Craftiness

It was about time for some crafts around here. It was a crazy hot summer filled with way too much commotion to even attempt some craftiness for the kids – or myself for that manner.

X and I ran to Michaels Craft store on Sunday afternoon so that I could get a Halloween party planning magazine (for E’s upcoming 5th Birthday party). First of all I couldn’t believe how little Halloween stuff they had left. The entire seasonal section was taken down and Christmas was being put up. For. Real. It’s 2 weeks till Halloween – how could all the stuff be put away??

Anyway, as I scoured the one little Halloween section left I stumbled upon these wooden face masks/plates – not sure what to call them.

Instantly, X wanted to get them. Like me, she knows a good craft when she see’s one. And since there is rarely ever just my 2 kids here I can’t buy just 2 of them. I debated buying 9 of them, and in hindsight I should have, but decided only to get 4 since that was how many kids were currently at the house.


I didn’t initially have the idea for glow-in-the-dark paint but once I stumbled upon it I knew it was perfect for this craft. The kids are constantly running around the yard and often into the dark of the evening.  I could easily envision them running with their masks glowing in the dark laughing and giggling till it hurt.

Each bottle of the glow-in-the-dark paint was $6 so I settled on the green and chose to supplement with acrylic paint I already had at the house for the other colors.  I discovered a Martha Stewart Crafts coupon in this week’s ad once I got the register which made me wish I’d bought more.

Just getting the register took forever because it was Sunday – have you ever been to Michaels craft store on Sundays? It is absolutely insane….kinda like my Walgreens pharmacy line at any given time of the day. The main difference is that people are waiting in line to buy crafts, which inherently make them happy. With Walgreens people are waiting to pick up their prescription, which will inevitably cost more than they want to pay and cause side effects they’d rather not have, thus making them unhappy. Which brings me to this conclusion: I wish Michaels craft store paid better.

If you ever find yourself standing in a long line at a Walgreens pharmacy, just pretend you are buying crafts. Smile and pretend you get to use a 40% coupon on your copay. I’ll be pretending that I’m working only to earn an employee discount on my craft supplies. Guaranteed to decrease the stress of the situation.

Are you wondering why I call it Michaels craft store and not just Michaels? It’s an E thing. He always asks “Mommy can we go to Michael’s craft store today” any time we drive into the shopping complex. You know how kids are – they say it so much that it ends up rubbing off on everyone else in the family. Kind of like, “bezzert”. E still calls dessert, “bezzert”. I catch myself saying, “E, eat your green beans so that you can have some bezzert tonight.”

The boys (E and Jackson) knocked their painting out in no time and were off playing with their faces leaving my little perfectionist.

I mean really, who did she learn this from?

Guilty, I suppose. Not that I consider it a bad thing. It’s not like it’s spilling over into her homework or anything – I mean, then we might have a serious problem. Her beautiful handwriting goes unseen on schoolwork as she concentrates her perfectionism on crafting. Seriously – you’d think she watches every thing I do or something?

Or something.

While she was out there painting the rest of the neighbor kids came over wanting to paint one too. I felt bad. For $1 I could have fostered craftiness among the whole neighborhood. I should have – and will next time. It’s one of those things that not every kid gets to do – unless the parents are crafty themselves.

I have a new mission: Fostering Craftiness.

I figure if I’ve fostered children before this will be a walk in the park.


  1. Cynthia   •  

    LOVE this idea! Will steal if you don’t mind to do with my niece and nephews. Thanks Kelly—your awesome!!

  2. Kate   •  

    Love It! Every time we go into Michaels Emma wants to get something. She is about like your kids, completely obsessed with crafts! Her favorite new thing is the Model Magic Clay by Crayola. Have you tried it? Its so much better than regular clay- more pliable, easier to manipulate, air dries and you can paint it. Check it out sometime. You can get lots of tubs of it and its not too expensive!

  3. Angela   •  

    I love this fresh, crafty post….I think we need to foster some craftiness in each other when you come to visit me. Let’s come up with a project.