First Day of School 2016

Let’s talk about this. First day of school….like 4 weeks ago, but whatever, who’s really keeping track?


Peter: 3rd grade
E: 4th grade
Lily: 5th grade

Please take note. E has taken on a new color! The neon yellow still lingers but we have moved on to RED!!!


These 3 – they are like my little triplets. There are only 6 months between each of them. Sometimes the love each other – sometimes they hate each other. Unfortunately, the former is rarely true of E and Peter. They are like oil and water…too much competition I think. Lily is the peacemaker. She enjoys them both equally and hates to see them fight.


Peter does not look like a 3rd grader here. Holy Moley.


I was so thrilled E has this teacher, she is so special and dear to me because 5 years ago she was X’s first teacher at this school.


WHAT! They are the same age here! TIME!! What are you doing to me?


Equally special in my heart is Lily’s teacher who also taught X and Lance and is an amazing friend.


Y’all – this is Lily’s last year in elementary school!! Me & Time are going to have talk again….


Lily and E are both pretty active at school this year. Together they are doing choir, EAFK (a service club), and safety patrol. E also wants to try out for the robotics club when it comes around and start a chess club if they’ll let him. Peter is playing YMCA tackle football, which takes up a good chunk of time (more on that later.)


My middle schoolers…Adam is growing so much! As is Lance, but just not as fast a rate (which he hates.)

Adam: 8th grade
Lance: 7th grade


How much, you ask, did you spend on Nike t-shirts this year?

Too much, she says.

This year Lance gets to participate in athletics. He’ll be trying out for the basketball team come October. Meanwhile, Adam is enjoying his first season of football before basketball starts (more on that later too.)

Y’all – I’m going to have TWO high schoolers next year! Alas….I’m getting ahead of myself. Trying hard to enjoy every moment right now.


Then there is X. Freshman in high school.

Our girl was NOT looking forward to high school. Over the summer we frequently heard how she was “going to die” whenever high school came up.

Guess what? She’s fine. She loves it…for the most part.


She’s playing on the freshman girls basketball team this year. Surprisingly, it has her fairly busy in the off season.

X is off to a great start with classes.  She is taking a few pre-AP classes and is in the Health Science and STEM tracks. At first she hated the STEM class because it was “all about building stuff” but now she has a great partner and the class is almost all boys…so go figure, she likes it now.


Finally, friends, family, and loyal blog followers: please continue to pray for Arianna. Anytime I update on all the kids, my heart breaks for her update. I still talk to her and see her occasionally but she has yet to finish high school, get her GED, or a job.  Whether she attends college or not, we want her to at least get her high school diploma before too much time passes. She chooses to remain homeless, but thankfully, the Lord has kept her safe. Thank you for your continued prayers for our girl.