All Eyes On Me (Another One in Glasses)

This summer I took Lily to the pediatrician for her yearly well check. Lo and behold, she could not read the eye chart. Like AT ALL!

She went from 20/20 last August to nearly blind in less than a year. Eek!


Okay, I’m exaggerating on the ‘nearly blind’ but she was prescribed glasses the same strength as mine. And friends, I do not go anywhere without my glasses or contacts because I cannot see a thing! Bless her. She was seeing everything blurry but never said a word.

In preparation for when her glasses would arrive she specifically picked out some t-shirts during back-to-school shopping to match her glasses.


Come on, how cute are these glasses? And the shirt!

And, of course, this girl. Too cute.


And growing so ridiculously fast.

But the beautiful thing is not only is she growing in stature but also in confidence, kindness, and wisdom.