Dog & Pony Grill

Saturday morning began with the girls next door ringing our door bell and wanting to play at 8:15am.

Luckily, I was already up at my computer and I saw them coming (this is the exact view I have of the front porch outside my office window).

E ran outside to play (in his Star Wars jammies) until he realized one of the dogs came with the girls. So he ran like a girl back to where I was sitting on the porch bench (in my pajamas) taking pictures.

As the day went on kids were in and out of our house all day like a revolving door. God is really stretching me with this – I’m a girl of order not chaos – every neighbor child in my house at once raises my anxiety level slightly. Just a tad.

I spent most of the day editing pictures (from my Mini Texans class pictures shoot). Ryan worked on misc things around the house attempting to get our stove installed but in the end it was never finished.

E played the rest of the day with Jackson next door. He is OBSESSED with Jackson. For real. All he talks about all day long is playing with Jackson. He spends every free second he has looking out the window to see if Jackson is home and wondering what he could be doing.

Jackson is 7 & in 2nd grade. That doesn’t seem to phase either of them. They play everything from Wii, to Hot Wheels, to Thomas the Train. Carter is 3 and tags along everywhere E & Jackson go.


They are hysterical. The key, however, is that they get along soooo good. They actually bring out the best behavior in each other. What a blessing.

So when it came time for dinner I had no counter-tops (Ryan was cutting them to get the stove installed) so I made the executive decision to go out and try a new restaurant in Boerne, Dog & Pony Grill.  I saw it had an entire kids play area – which to me is one of the best features a nice restaurant can have.

I went to tell E that we were leaving for dinner and all 3 boys were devastated I was putting a stop to their day o’ fun.

So we decided to invite their Dad and them as well to come with us.

That’s Brandon, and his sister, Hope. You can tell Hope hasn’t been around me very long…..she hasn’t got used to the fact that I bring my camera everywhere and take pictures of everything – she hid from my camera.

Okay, so the restaurant was totally awesome! The layout was a bit confusing, but maybe it was just because I didn’t know the layout very well. The ambiance was great – lots of room for all the kids to run and play, few mosquitos, and live music.

It also helped that it was an amazing 83 degrees out.

X got Jr Sliders kids meal. The burgers were pretty big for being “Jr.” but she polished it off with no problem (and loved every bit of it).

I got a Turkey Burger and a side of sweet potato waffle fries. I love sweet potato fries – these waffle versions were worth the $2.50 it they cost. Yum! My turkey burger was delicious.

Ryan had a steak. He claimed it was one of the best steaks he has had in a while.

Brandon got catfish (I think?)  I just couldn’t resist capturing this potato. Could it look any prettier??

We shared a bottle of light and crisp Riesling. X stuck her cup into my photo for no other reason than being a turd.

The kids played the rest of the evening.

Until they were playing in the dark.

My only complaint is that the food was slightly expensive. It was $45 for the 4 of us to eat. Not horrible but slightly higher than I’d like to spend on a regular basis – which means we probably won’t go as often but we’ll definitely be back!