Dating Our Children: X & Mom

I will begin by saying, last month was Dad and E’s date month. E skipped school and they played all day at Main Event before stopping for pizza and pazookies at BJ’s.

They took zero pictures. That is all.

So moving on to May’s date: X & I.

She and I have had many fun dates over the years so deciding what to do this time challenged me. Her only requirement was to be able to skip school.


I was thrilled when I thought of the idea of shopping at the outlets and then the drive-in movies. It incorporated everything she loves to do while allowing us to be out of town and out of the norm.

I picked her up from school at noon. After eating some lunch and packing up the car for the drive-in we headed out of town to the San Marcos Outlets.

We shopped for summer clothes at all her favorite stores. We found lots of great deals – for her and I – and she gracefully accepted my rejection of certain clothes (because have you been to Forever 21 and shopped for a 14 year old?)


We ate dinner at BJ’s –what can I say? It’s a family favorite!

Salad, pizza, and pazookies. You just can’t go wrong.


Before the movies we stopped at the new Bucee’s in New Braunfels for some snacks.

This place is so out of control in the best way possible. We were so full from dinner we ended up only getting drinks and a bag of Beaver Nuggets and Popcorn (then ate next to nothing of what we bought).


The Drive-In was totally dead on this school night which also threatened rain. No lines, no crowds: perfect!

We saw Mother’s Day and The Huntsman: Winter’s War. Two great girl movies!

It was awesome just the two of us. We brought lots of blankets and pillows and laid in the back of the Pilot side by side. While I do love bringing my whole family to the Drive-In, the chaos of managing who is sitting where and who is annoying who, made only having 1 child there with me all the sweeter.


We didn’t get home from the movies till nearly 2am. Exhausted from the hour and the fun, we wearily carried in all our shopping plunder and crashed quickly into bed.

I let X sleep in the next day and skip her first period class. The least I could do for allowing the 2am bedtime…

It was an absolute joy of a date. Time away together from everyone and everything else is simply the best. I could do this every month! I LOVE this precious time with X!

And this girl…high school in a few months! I can hardly believe it. She is so wise and even more beautiful on the inside (if you can believe it possible.) I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her!

Right now, I just need to keep all the boys away.

Which I’ll probably get “in trouble” for writing that, but it’s absolutely true. You know it is.


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  1. Kelli   •  

    X is so beautiful 🙂 I loved meeting her at the race. I love this date! Sounds like the perfect day of mom and daughter time!