“Dating” Our Children: Peter & Mom

On New Years Day all of our children drew 2 months out of a hat. The even months were dates with Dad; odd months were dates with Mom.

In January, Adam and I went indoor skydiving.
In February Lily and Dad went to the Rodeo.
In March E skipped school and he and I saw a movie, shopped for board games, and went out to lunch.
In April, E and Dad went to the Main Event.
In May X and I went shopping at the outlets and to the drive-in movies.
In June Lance and Dad saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and raced go-carts.

July was Peter’s month for a date with me. He’d waited for 6 long months and he was ready!!

He had planned our date out in his head: lunch with dessert, shopping for clothes, shopping for Pokemon cards and candy, another dessert, and then a movie with popcorn and candy. Needless to say, I had to inform him this wasn’t a time for him to have a free-for-all of all the things he’s ever wanted. These dates are about trying new things together and 1-on-1 bonding.


I kept my plan for our date a surprise until right before it was going to happen. I gave Peter the chance to choose somewhere to eat lunch. He chose Russo’s Italian Kitchen. We had went there on our “P.R.O.M.” night and he loved the bread and oil so much that this was at the top of his list. I personally love this place as well because they have fantastic Gluten Free pizza.

During lunch we talked about all of the awesome things he did at horseback riding camp that day. Peter has been doing Equine Therapy for the past several months, it’s been really fantastic for him.

After lunch we headed to Top Golf. Neither of us had been there before so we were looking forward to our new adventure.



Peter had never touched a golf club in his life. He started a bit Happy Gilmore style but I taught him what little I know and he picked it up quickly.


After a handful of missed swings and drivers into the turf, he got the hang of it. So much so, he wouldn’t let me hit any balls!!

His farthest drive was 138 yards. In the end he hit 165 balls.

My longest drive was 147 yards. I hit only 28 balls.


I ordered Peter a dessert in hopes to distract him so I could get some hits.


Injectable donut holes. C’mon – what 9 year old wouldn’t eat these up?


I couldn’t even believe it. He ate only 2 of these lousy holes before he was begging me to come back out and hit. I guess that means I chose a good date location for us!

This boy has some serious determination and grit, let me tell you. He never once got frustrated at the club or the ball. He just tried and tried and tried again.



After Top Golf we went to Target for some back to school shopping. Where we inevitably had to look at Pokemon cards.

We had a great afternoon together – 100° and all. It’s amazing the different personality you see 1-on-1 than when he’s with his siblings.

Peter, like E, gets back to back months. August will be him and Dad.

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  1. Arianna Newcom   •  

    He’s getting so big and starting to look like Juan. Love and miss y’all(: