Corn Maze

Friday night in lieu of Life Group at our house we did a fun night out at the Hondo Corn Maze. We’ve come to this corn maze every year – the kids have a blast every time. It ended up being a random assortment of lots of friends from church and our neighbors more than just our Life Group – it’s fun no matter who goes.

This year I packed chicken salad sandwiches, veggie chips, strawberries, and mini-Halloween cans of Sunkist orange soda. I was out of fluff, so alas, I had to stray from my normal peanut butter & fluff tradition.

The kids wasted no time getting to the slide and corn popper.

I’ve taken this picture every year to see how much they’ve grown:

2010 (above)

2009 (above) E must have refused to get in the picture.

2008 (above).

GEEZ!! They’re getting so big!

The only other kids that came with us were our neighbors: Jackson, Carter, and E are virtually inseparable these days.

It’s all good though because they get along so well. Those boys are fairly quiet and calm natured so with my hyper over-excited boy they all balance out.

X gets along with them pretty good too. She is sort of like a mother hen sometimes but overall they all play great considering they are all 2 years apart. X is 9, Jackson 7, E will be 5 in 3 weeks, and Carter is 3.

It got dark really fast on us. We left a little later than normal because we were waiting for people to get off work. No big deal, it just meant that my pictures aren’t that great.

It was really dark when we went to go into the maze. We all had to use our phones as flashlights otherwise we would not have been able to see anything! I realized I really like the maze better in the some daylight. Walking in the pitch black around stalks of corn really wasn’t as much fun.

Generally my rule is: no picture taking ability = not much fun. Now granted, it was fun – just not as much fun as past years with some daylight.

As we got ready to leave we waited 20 minutes for some fresh Kettle corn. This place makes some of the BEST Kettle corn on the planet.

The kids rode the slide more while we waited.

Some big kids rode the slide as well. Sadly, due to poor lighting, I didn’t get very many other than our friend Dave coming down with E on his back (and Carter getting ready to slam into his backside).

At nearly 10pm we piled all 8 of us in my Pilot with 2 giant bags of Kettle corn and drove the hour+ drive home. We ate popcorn and listened to hyped up children laugh and tell stories.

Great times.