Colorado – the 2nd day.

I was determined to go for a walk on Wednesday morning so I set my alarm. For 8am (I know, poor me!).

Initially I just brought my worship music and a whistle (to distract any bears I may see). Halfway up the road I realized I “needed” my camera and turned back around to get it.


It was a cool crisp morning, 60 degrees.


Everywhere I looked was beauty.


I stopped at one point to pray for Lauren. My heart was just so overwhelmed for her…


I read from the Bible App on my phone. Hands down, favorite App.


I also prayed a lot for our adoption. Later on this day we became officially (re)licensed as Foster Parents.




I walked for about 1.5 hour. It was awesome.

Then I came back to the cabin to this:


I have a weakness for Orange Rolls. Yum.

We decided to all load up in the Jeep and head up into the mountains before the day got away from us.


LOVE, LOVE the Aspen trees.


I didn’t really know where we were going but yet again, beauty everywhere. I think we were at about 10,000 ft here.


Sadly, no pictures I captured of this rushing creek does it any justice. It was waaaaay down there and flowing so fast as snow melted on the mountain tops.


At one point on our way up the mountain it started to snow.



As we headed up to St. Elmo, an old mining town, there was a recently restored old cemetery. At the front it had listed everyone who was buried there and how they died.


Lots of the people died in mining injuries.


Some of these people were born and died in the 1800’s in here.

I know cemeteries can be creepy but for me I enjoyed trying to imagine what it was like to live during that time, without cars, without phones, without hospitals to save us from what we sooo take for granted now.


Finally, St. Elmo, a “ghost town”.


We finally made it way up the mountain to St. Elmo.


I loved seeing this old town. In my mind I could see the people bustling around, the women in long dresses, the men steering horse and buggies.




I would have loved to do a photo shoot with this building in the background. Love it. Minus the snow on the ground.




Then we headed back down the mountain. Stopped in the middle of the road for me to get out and take this picture.


It was still snowing up in the mountains when we got back to their town. We had to go mail her package since we’d been so distracted talking the day before. I took this shot above from the post office parking lot.

At this point, it was time to pack my things up so we could make the journey back to the Denver airport. Booo! I was excited to see the Ryan and the kids but I could have totally stayed another 3 days.

We stopped at a cute little diner for dinner on the way.



The waitress asked if I was “headed back to school”. I wanted to hug her.


After a couple of flight delays I didn’t arrive back in San Antonio till 1:15am.

When I opened the door to put my bag inside, I found this little guy with his blankie and fluffy in hand. Apparently, he’d come out of his room 16 times asking if it was time to go get me yet so Ryan went ahead and brought him along.


I brought a pine cone home for each of them. He was excited about that for all of 15 minutes.

Wonderful little getaway. Thank you Debbie & Gary for your hospitality. I’ll be bringing the whole family next time.

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  1. Angela   •  

    Aspens are my favorite tree too!