This week the kids have been at Pine Cove’s Base Camp.

It’s been pretty fantastic! They have tons of fun from 9-4, come home and eat everything they can get their hands on, and crash in bed early totally exhausted from the day.


I think I took the camp for granted last year because X is so easy going and loves anything like that. This year, however, having both X & E there I can see just how awesome the camp really is. E has tried new things he would normally not do, he comes home singing camp songs, he talks about what he learned new about Jesus, and of course, how much fun he’s having.

He was even able to tell me all of the “armor of God” yesterday.  Which, in case you aren’t a Bible scholars, is in Ephesians 6. I was impressed.


Today is NEON DAY at camp.

I don’t think my camera captured just how bright they really are in the early morning light. Believe me – you’d see them in the dark of night.


Just for fun – let’s flash back to 2010 when it was wacky dress at daycare:


Oh my.

I’m speechless.