A place to sit (and eat)

Life is a bit uncomfortable without furniture, I’ll be honest.

It wasn’t something that we all complained about but it was a tangible uncomfortableness that could be felt any time we were together. We had one of our white multi-use tables up with some plastic chairs we had borrowed from Danny – but it’s just not the same.

This was actually one of the only pictures I could find of it from back in the beginning of September. I think I disliked it so much that I didn’t even take a picture of it.

Having Life Group at our house every Friday night also proved to be slightly challenging with this set up. We had to break out some of our pop-out-of-a-bag-sporting-event-chairs to have enough seating. You know the kind that you sit fall into and feel like your bottom is touching the ground? Again, no one complained but there was a tangible feeling of discomfort.

Last week Ryan and I were headed out on some errands and decided to pop into the new Rooms 2 Go. We weren’t really planning on buying something but this table was literally everything we had envisioned. And the price was right.

A counter top height table, casual yet formal, seating for 12.

Yes, 12.

As a matter of fact, we had to buy TWO tables in order to achieve this. We kind of figured we would have to do that in order to get a high table that big.

The reason for 12 is that we regularly have at least 12 over for Life Group every Friday night. Life Groups are our passion – it is a commitment that is non-negotiable.  I could go on for hours about the amazing life transformation that happens when you do life with other people.

It was how we came to decide to adopt instead of battle infertility. It was these friends who let us live with them, helped us pack our house, helped us remodel our house, and held us together when everything was a mess.

Sorry, I digressed. Our table….

We have 4 of these stools, 2 on each end.

8 of these standard chairs.

I absolutely love it. It’s so nice to have somewhere to eat together again. Somewhere for X to do her homework, to play games together, to write my menu & grocery list out, to color pictures, and so on.

Also nice for when all the neighborhood kids come over for lunch. There’s actually 2 of them missing from this picture because they were playing in E’s room!

And when we kick all the kids out of our house so we can eat lunch in peace and quiet.

The boxes along the wall will be there for a while. My mom tried to dress them up with a little greenery when she was here…I think it helped. We are planning to build a buffet. Cabinets above and below for the storage of the fine china and house decor (what’s left of it – I got rid of a BUNCH!). To me, this is further down the road because it’s not as high a priority as living room furniture and a new front door.

We’re trying to stay out of debt. These things aren’t necessary for everyday life so they will wait.

In the meantime, we will enjoy our dining room table.

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  1. Sam   •  

    Great table! Reminds me of ours:)