RAW photos

I decided to attempt taking some RAW photos this weekend in order to play with my 30 day trial of Adobe Lightroom 2.

First things first. I'm in desperate need of a book or tutorial of some sort to know what the heck I'm doing in Lightroom. Right now I'm just playing around.

Here's my RAW photo unedited:

Here's the same photo edited in Lightroom 2:

Here's a NON-RAW (JPEG) photo unedited:

Same JPEG photo edited in Photoshop Elements (how I normally edit):

Same JPEG photo edited in Lightroom 2:

So far, I definitely see the difference between editing a RAW in Lightroom and a JPEG in Lightroom. I had a lot of trouble trying to get the JPEG photo to be "just right". Whereas the RAW photo only took a couple clicks and I loved the result.

Here's some RAW photos of my sour-puss yesterday edited in Lightroom 2:

She had recently fell off the monkey bars….although not hurt, she wasn't happy.

Anyway…..I still have tons to learn, but I love every second of it!