I am so excited to share some of my projects I've been working on this week.

None are completed but I have definitely had a productive week (=happy week for Kelly).

This is a peek into the new kids craft area:

A Week in the Life album:

Krys's scrapbook to take along with her:

I also edited/uploaded/ordered all my pictures for January & February 2009 from Scrapbook I ran across this one that I don't think I really ever noticed the beauty of until today.

I ordered an 8×10. I'm thinking of replacing some of the Honeymoon pictures in our bathroom with pictures of the kids at the beach. While I enjoy my seeing my honeymoon pictures on a daily basis….let's be real, I can only stand to see my 22 year old body in bikini a little while longer before depression sinks in.

I also found this one which I using for a framing project to give Ry's work area a little color and life (the color, obviously, coming from something other than the picture):

I also scrubbed the kitchen floor, did 4 loads of laundry, went to Target, cleaned out Krys's closet of all the 2T clothes she's outgrown, took the kids to the library, watched 3 Thomas DVDs and gave 4 bathes (each child got 2 today….some serious pooping and peeing issues today-I'll let you guess which problem goes with which child.) Oh yeah…and talked to X four times, each time missing her more and more.

Have I mentioned just how much I love 7 days off work.

I do.