8th Grade Football

I’ve walked through seasons of many different sports. We’ve done karate, softball, dance, volleyball, cheer leading, soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, track & field, and gymnastics. The one sport we had yet to breech was FOOTBALL.

Adam talked about wanting to play football in 7th grade but at the time it didn’t make sense (to me, that is.) He was playing select basketball and had all of his attention focused on that one sport. It didn’t seem wise to play a sport so known for injuries. So…I didn’t necessarily encourage it.



This year, he began talking about football again during his track season. The coaches saw how fast he was and wanted him on the team.

Ryan and I agreed he could play football under the condition he payed for all of the gear he needed. Since we had already paid for a fall and spring season of Select Basketball, his sports budget was over drafted.

He agreed and worked several long hot days helping a friend roof a house in order to have money.



To no one’s surprise, Adam is amazing at football. Pretty much any sport he touches he’s good at.

In a school that has an A, B & C football team, Adam made the A team. And he is a starter on offense and defense.

In his first game he earned the first touchdown and had 2 interceptions, leading his team to win. Crazy how great an athlete this young man is!




C’mon now. Look at this catch.




This boy doesn’t mess around! He’s out there to catch the ball and run fast.

And he’s really super fast…






The season hasn’t been without injuries though.

Several teammates have broken bones among some other fairly serious injuries. Adam hasn’t had anything too severe but I’ve certainly heard my fair share of “injury statements” (not necessarily complaining but making sure I know of all his ailments.)



So I have to admit: having a child play football is pretty fun. Slightly nerve wracking, but great fun to watch and cheer on.

The season wraps up in a week and we move on to basketball.

And then next year…he wants to play High School football. (Where does time go!!!)