7 Kids in Pictures (Now and Then)

Thanksgiving marks 3 years I’ve been challenged with the task of taking pictures of 7 children.

And now that I have posted our formal photo shoot pictures (which I must boast my kids were professional model behavior), I’ll give you some real life photos. Without the tuxedos and formal dresses its actually quite a challenge to get my kids to get one good photograph together.

Someone is always mad, in tears, or being physically injured in some way.

If I get 6 smiling faces, I have 1 angry face.
If I get 4 children paying attention I have 3 looking elsewhere.
If I have 1 taller than the others I have 6 more trying to be taller.

These photo sessions are chaotic but still immensely endearing. I think the outtakes are sometimes more enjoyable than the “perfect ones.”

These were taken on Thanksgiving day. Unfortunately, Arianna didn’t make it into our formal photo shoot for the year but what joy we have her in these!



Everyone wants to be the tallest.

After X came outside in her heels Adam found his own in the form of rocks.

This didn’t sit well with her (because she knows Adam really is taller…)





The best it gets right here.

For fun, let’s take a trip down memory lane…..3 years ago.


Whaaaat!!! Oh my word. I just cannot even imagine another 3 years!

And I have decided that Thanksgiving day lineups are a must every year. These are just too classic to look back on and see how much they’ve grown.