New York City 10.0

Fifteen years ago my feet hit the concrete and human jungle I have grown to love for the very first time. New York City. This girl was by my side.

Sam is my oldest friend. Except I’m actually older. But only by 4 months. Oldest in that we have known each other since age 11.

She and I have survived an enormity of life’s problems together and our friendship is so much stronger for it.


This 10th trip to NYC happened because Sam was attending a Vision Expo (she’s an Optometrist) and I had the privilege of tagging along.

The idea was that I could sit in the hotel room and write while Sam did her deal.

And while that kinda happened, we also found a lot of free time to hit the city.




We found some amazing gems when it came to Gluten Free restaurants: Friedmans lunch in Chelsea Market and Merilu Pizza in Midtown






We took a walk on the High Line, something neither of us had done before, and soaked up (along with several hundred other New Yorkers) the most beautiful blue sky and bright sun Saturday Spring could give.


For our Broadway show, we opted for an off-Broadway show called One Funny Mother.

It’s a one-woman show all about being a Mom. It exposes the hilarious similarities that all Moms experience yet few talk about.  If you are in New York, I’d highly suggest it. We laughed long and hard. I will warn you the language, while all said in humor, is rated R.

After the show we met Dena Blizzard, a former Ms America contestant as Ms New Jersey. I told her I had 7 children and her response was, “Oh my god – do you drink a lot? I would.”

See picture below for our after show dinner: fries and wine.



I finally got to try  Erin McKenna’s bakery.

I have no words.

I take that back – I have a few: Gluten-Free. Vegan. Amazing.



Hello. I love you. Where have you been the past 4 years?

I may have also bought a red velvet cupcake and chocolate donut. Maybe. There’s no evidence. (Be quiet, Sam!)


We spent our last day together chilled out in Central Park. With thousands of other New Yorkers.

Our time together was amazing. I had 2 really fantastic cab drivers to and from the airport – which is an absolute rarity. I talked about Jesus with people on the streets and prayed for one sweet woman who I continue to pray for today.  I had amazing food and tons of coconut milk Cappuccinos from Starbucks. I read books I’ve been meaning to get to for research and I wrote.

It was an absolute win and blessing for me.


On another note, I longed for my friend Angela. Not in a sad way, but in the sweetest memories way. Sam and I, ironically and without me knowing beforehand, stayed at the exact same hotel Ang and I had stayed at in 2010. Sam and I had a glass of wine at the same hotel restaurant that Angela and I did, and we, too, got an espresso from 9th St Espresso in Chelsea Market just as Ang and I had.


I’m so thankful for the blessing of memories. I’ve been so privileged to call the women in my life my friends. And to be able to spend this time time in NYC with them, without kids and work, is simply more than I can ask for.

Thank you to my amazing husband and Mother and Father-in-law who perfectly managed a busy weekend without me.