2016 P.R.O.M.

Last year we began the tradition of celebrating PROM while the rest of our town celebrated the High School Prom. The Newcom version, however, doesn’t consist of fancy formal dresses, tuxedos and limousines. Instead we opt for Pizza.Rootbeer.Oreos.Movie

It’s one of our routine Family Date Nights and we LOVE it!



This year we stepped up our dining experience a bit taking them to Russo’s, a coal fire pizzeria and Italian restaurant with real napkins. I emphasize real napkins because that’s sort a big deal for my kids. Real napkins means manners are expected.


X has been in Cotillion all this year and was ready and willing to exemplify the proper use of napkins and silverware. She doesn’t look like it in this picture but that’s just because she burned her face curling her hair a few hours before and was worried I was going to get her burn in the picture.

This is what I am calling the, “I’m 14 years old” look.





Russo’s serves Gluten Free pizza. Russo’s, I love you.


14 years old.

Side note about scrunchies to those women who went to high school in the 90’s…..can you believe they are back? I can hardly believe that X wears one around her wrist all the time now. Hello!! Let the 90’s keep this style, there is no space for it in 2016!


Getting group shots are always fun with these hooligans.


14 years old.

That’s all there is to say about that.

Our movie selection for this year’s P.R.O.M. was BATMAN vs SUPERMAN. Having mediocre expectations going into the movie we all ended up liking it.

After the movie we headed home for Oreos. This is possibly the kid’s favorite part of the night.


Uninhibited and unlimited Oreos. A kid’s dream.


Three bags of Oreos: Double Stuffed, Chocolate dipped, and Choc/Vanilla Double Stuffed.




I probably don’t need to tell you that they ate Oreos until they felt sick that night.

Another successful and super fun P.R.O.M. night for us.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this tradition and hope to continue year after year. When some of the kids are heading off to their actual school Prom, the rest of us will still have our family date. Even when they’re all in college, I’ll make them come home on the same weekend to continue the tradition. It’s just that good.


  1. Diana Damron   •  

    Love this idea! Now that Gary and I are retired we can just have an O.R.E.O. cookie date without feeling guilty for eating too many, but I think I would like to celebrate twice a year! Lol. Thanks for sharing Kelly.

  2. Your Daughter   •  

    Looks like you guys had a blast!!! Love y’all!